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Annual Sports Celebrity Breakfast Honoured Georges St-Pierre

The intensity in the room was felt by everyone in attendance. On one side of the stage was Georges St-Pierre, one of the greatest MMA fighters to date.  On the other side of the stage was a finished live painting done by local Montreal artist Kevin Jenne.     

For 15 minutes, the attention shifted away from Georges to the painting as a live auction to raise money for the charity began.  Two competitors went head to head, but the winning bid was unexpected.

The Sports Celebrity Breakfast is an annual fundraiser for the Cummings Jewish Centre for Seniors Foundation.  Each year, high profile sports professionals are honoured during this high-profile event filled with business leaders and distinguished guests.

Sports Personality of the Year:  Georges St-Pierre, UFC World Champion

Larry Fredericks Media Award:  Michael Farber, Sports Journalist

Montreal Expos Legend Award:  Felipe Alou, Former Montreal Expos Manager

Guest of Honour:  Tony Loffreda, RBC Vice-Chairman of Wealth Management

The event was held at the Gelber Conference Centre on April 7th, 2019.  

To commemorate the retirement from mixed martial arts of Georges St-Pierre, local artist Kevin Jenne live painted a work of art during the event, that was auctioned for Charity.

The painting featured a Stoic G.S.P. looking confidently to the future with his UFC World Championship belt behind him.

Speeches were given by Michael Farber and Felipe Alou during the breakfast.

At the end of the event, Lee Haberkorn (Virgin Radio) started the auction at $2,500.  

It quickly became apparent that it was a battle between two Canadian businessmen.  In the end, Mitch Garber, a Canadian business executive and philanthropist won the prize and helped raise $5,000 for the charity.  

In a surprising twist, it was announced that a second painting, similar to the first, was also available to the runner-up for the same amount.  Another $5,000 was raised as Pellegrino Castronovo, Bespoke Tailor quickly accepted. 

Peter asked GeorgeS St-Pierre to sign the painting, like the first one, but address it to the Cumming Family.  He then donated it to the Centre.

For his part, Mitch Garber donated his painting to G.S.P. himself, which will hang in his Montreal home.

Both Mitch and Peter not only helped raise funds to support the 50+ population through The Cummings Jewish Centre for Seniors Foundation.   They showed, by example, that winning isn’t everything.  Giving back to the community makes everyone a winner.